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sweetlolijuliet wrote in lolita_ed

This community is NOT Pro-Ana or Pro-Mia. It is a pro-recovery community. If you feel you need somebody to talk to and you are suffering from an eating disorder, please feel free to join this community and we will welcome you warmly and try to offer you some support.

1. Kindness and support only. No hateful comments are to be posted, or any comments that could cause hurt towards other other people. If you wish to have a disagreement, please voice it through pm and not through comments.

2. No thinspo. None at all unless you can come up with a valid reason for it. If you wish to insert any pictures that could be considered thinspo please pm [lj user="(sweetlolijuliet)"] to provide your reason and get permission. This includes reverse thinspo, scenespo, b**chspo, fitspo and any others.

3. Do not promote dangerous behaviour.

4. Videos and pictures must be behind a lj cut. Videos and pictures may not include pornographic material, self-harming, thinspo or any other dangerous or triggering behaviour.

5. Any posts that could be triggered must be labelled *triggering*.

6. No linking to any pro-ana/mia websites.

7. Do not post any "goodbye" notes here. This is a suicide not left for us to read.

8. Encouraging illegal drugs will result in a ban.

9. Encourage recovery when possible. Do not help people by telling them how "hide" their disorders from parents and/or how to develop it further etc.

10. Advertisement is allowed if it is relevant and has been cleared with the admin.

Please remember that the people on here that you talk to may be extremely fragile, so please show respect.

Rules updates can be found here at:
Please read before posting.
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